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  DS Kanda has manufactured Various style of Autoclaves and correspond to customer's requirements for production to products of special usage. has manufactured and supplied special Autoclave by customer's requirement specification.
DS Kanda's autoclaves thorough satisfied Boeings Autoclave Process Requirements, Instrument Certification, and Temperature Uniformity Survey in accordance to Boeing Specs D38510-1 and D6-49327.
The Machine is composed of the following sections
- Pressure vessel Unit
- Vacuum Unit
- Heating Unit
- Cooling Unit
- Process Control and Recording Unit
- Instrumentation Unit
- Electrical & Mechanical Unit
Benefits of the Dasan engineering autoclave
- Easy operating system
- Longer autoclave life
- Higher safety
- Quicker access
- Lower maintenance costs
- No leak or maintenance by shaft system
- Higher Reliability
- Industrial parts
- Aircraft and Space parts
- Military parts
- Sports and Leisure parts
- High efficiency Machine parts